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Hello Community! My name is Priscilla Rega, I graduated from University of Brasilia with a bachelor on Network Engineering. I’m currently working with projects focusing on VMware solutions. I have accomplished VCP certifications for Datacenter, NSX and Cloud Automation, and I am completely in love with those solutions!

My curiosity to know exactly how each solution works made me look for blogs and community forums available. I wanted to know more and build my knowledge in the area. In those searches I found incredible high-quality posts! Articles that helped me with implementation problems, articles that made me finally understand a topic that I was struggling on by using different approaches and articles that made my interest peak with new technologies. I’m extremely grateful for the community and I feel that now I’m able to re tribute all this help :)

With this blog, I hope to contribute by sharing the problems I encounter in implementations (and hope to save some weekends and nights too!), explain some basic concepts in different ways to help in the learning process of the technology and basically write here everything that I think could help someone along the way!

Welcome and let’s go!

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  1. Priscilla, great initiative from you. I know that the content you are going to share will be of great value to the global community. Good luck team…

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