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Welcome, everyone! My name is Felipe Roque and I have a long walk in the technology world. In this first post, the idea is to introduce myself and tell a little about my journey in the IT world!

My technical background started in high school where I graduated in electronics technician from COLTEC – Technical College of the Federal University of Minas Gerais. This course has been a turning point in my professional life, even before I went through the experience of the first formal job because it was the place where I discovered my vocation for technology. Later I graduated in Telecommunications Engineering and also in Information Systems.

My first job and internship were at IBM Brazil. A subsidiary of the multinational IBM (International Business Machines Corporation). Needless to say, IBM has more than 398,455 employees worldwide and so IBM is the largest IT company in the world. There is some kind of glamor in being an IBMer (as the officials call themselves) and breathe, literally, the whole story to which this company is responsible. I only have gratitude for my ten-year tenure in this great company. I joined the age of 17 as a trainee and was responsible for maintenance on laptops and internal desktops. Soon I began to do external services to clients with a support contract and I was evolving, going through maintenance of the most varied types of equipment such as PDVs (fiscal Printers), banking equipment (ATM machine, ATMs, Authenticating Printers, PABX) and evolved to customer service in which it was on call and served large customers with its servers and data storage equipment.

At this time the passion for which I am now a specialist was born; data storage equipment. Until then, I worked in Belo Horizonte, my hometown where I was hired. It was then that the opportunity arose and I was invited to move to São Paulo and work at IBM headquarters in Brazil and join the HRC (Hardware Resolution Center) team. In this team, we were responsible for the second and third level support of all IBM platform equipment from Intel, SAN and Storages Midrange from customers all over Brazil with an active support contract. We also made the bridge with engineering in cases of problems that needed some correction of code or bug. I am eternally grateful to have experienced this experience, through learning and the formation of what I am today as a professional. I did several technical and professional development training, went abroad several times for specializations in the product development laboratories, was awarded and recognized for my work in different ways, worked with spectacular people who were an example, mentors and whom I sought mirror, that is, only reasons for gratitude!

I found it interesting to tell you a bit about the beginning of my story so that others who are starting their career can be encouraged to fight for their goals and never give up on them. The story does not stop there, it was only the first 10 years, but for the post does not get too long, I will just make a summary of my professional profile and share the rest in another post telling about my first contact with VMware products and the world of virtualization!

In summary, I have more than 17 years of experience in the IT market, 12 of them supporting and implementing large projects and solutions involving SAN architecture, storage, and data protection solutions, virtualization and hyper-convergence. Recognized with several certifications IBM, Brocade, DellEMC, and VMware. I have a passion for storage and data transport technologies with experience and knowledge across multiple platforms and architectures, including those used in Cloud Computing, converged and hyper-convergent

I also have experience in providing technical training and mentoring, and for some years, I was an instructor at IBM Training Center in Tutóia / SP.

My specialties:
– HCI Solutions: DellEMC VxRAIL and VMware VSAN.
– VMware solutions including vSphere, SRM, vSAN, and NSX.
– DellEMC Storage Solutions include VNX, UNITY, DataDomain, RecoverPoint, VPLEX, and XtremIO.

– Datacenter Virtualization, SDDC, Cloud Computing, Networking, Storing, SAN Architecture, Hi-End Computing Platform Solutions, Storage Architecture and Solutions, Technical Training, Consulting, Blade Servers, Hyper-Convergent Computing

I really hope that this blog is a space of contribution, exchange of information, interaction and that I can share and help the community of users with a little of my experience and experience in this world which, every day, we learn a little and always we have news! I hope to achieve the goal of disseminating knowledge in a practical and didactic way! Feel free to make contributions, critiques, and suggestions! Once again, welcome and let´s get together on
this adventure !!!


Felipe Roque

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